Off Time Shenanigans: SouLegacy’s Shallow Water EP



EP isnt out yet, but soon. Until the check that soundcloud!

Details: Erryting in Photoshop CC.


Off Time Shenanigans: Hard Boiled Alt. Poster



Short and simple.  This is a present for my pops, for Christmas, done in April, and it will be printed, woot!

Details: All done in Photoshop CC.

Off Time Shenanigans: TMNT Talenthouse Contest



Got my Cintiq back so I had to go in on another contest to get my painting skills back.  Fun one!  Check out the other contestants here!

Details: Images of the brothers provided by Paramount Pictures, and all coloring done in Photoshop CC (image is currently saved in the CMYK color model, so some areas are a tad blown out on screens).

Alternative Covers: Blu X Nottz – Gods in the Spirit

Gods In The Spirit Final

As a huge fan of music in general I have been working on a small collection of alternative covers that I would like to display for myself, somewhere in our house.  At first I started this journey because of an upcoming art show but that fell through.  However, I am happy it did because it gave me more incentive to branch out of the rap genre of music that I was developing this for and reach out into other albums I adore in other genres.

Even though I have posted some of these already, I am going to start a new group of posts specifically for these.  Just to help me categories my work.

So if you are a fan of 90’s era boom bap, hard-hitting beats and lyrics, then check it out here!  Warning, there is some very colorful language so listen at your own discretion.

Details: All in Photoshop CC.



Off Time Shenanigans: Jamtech 13


My old company Carney is holding its bi-annual event for high school students interested in game design (wether your keen on art or programming).  If you are in the greater Northern Virginia area and have a son or daughter who would be interested, please take a look!   Support the youth!


Details: Done with 3 different sizes of Artist’s Loft pens and touch ups in Photoshop CC.

Off Time Shenanigans: Batman V Superman Talent House Contest

Contest for The Talent House’s #whoWillWin contest.  With the movie less than a month away I got a hit about the contest.  Being a huge Batman fan and overall genuinely excited for the movie, I gave it a shot.  I sadly broke my Cintiq’s cables so I had to do this with the good ol’ Intuos…which was like teaching a person who has been swimming all their life to strap a tiny water jet on their head that goes against the direction their swimming.  You can still swim, but its just that special type of slightly aggravating.

Please take a look at the site and if you know anyone who is interested in trying their hand at it, please point them to the site.  As always good luck to all that apply!

P.S. Bless my wife.  On top of going to a free screening the week before with my pops I am dragging her with me to the Thursday night premier (tickets already acquired!).  I love her!

UPDATE:  I won!  I was covered on Warner Brothers site and apart of the marketing campaign for the movie.  Sweet!


Details: Done entirely on Photoshop CC with ol’ Betsy the Intuos.


Off Time Shenanigans: Soulegacy’s “Open Sessions”

A frequent collaborator of mine, and brother in arms, Cori “Soulegacy” Blanch is gearing up to release his first major project in 2016.  As the process expands he was offered the opportunity to create a compilation with a local radio show of his live/ acoustic versions of his songs.


Hence, the creation of OpenSessions.  OpenSessions will be a on going anthology of live recordings of Cori’s catalogue, which will range from intimate solo versions, to larger scale indie artist collaborations.   With his Shallow Water EP peaking over the horizon, think of this project as developmental B-Side to his more refined singles appearing on the EP.


Also please check out his Soundcloud.  He has the first single out now from the project!




Details:  All that jazz done in good ol’ Photoshop CC.

Off Time Shenanigans: Old Man Saitama!

One Punch Man old man Saitama.  Because I love this show.




Details: Done in Photoshop CC.

Nav + Soul: Artist Heroes Collection: Musiq Soulchild (link below)

Here is the next entry into the Nav + Soul Artist Heroes collection.   The artist being recognized is Musiq Soulchild, a singer from the “nuSoul”era who has a great influence on Cori and I.  Please take a listen to the cover done by the amazing duo, Souls Shaded Grey.

Much love


Details: Made in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Off Time Shenanigans: Sons and Daughters of Midnight Marauders

This painting is the interpretation of the line “…sons and daughters of midnight marauders…” from a track by Blu entitled “Everybody Nose.” The Midnight Marauders in question is in reference to the rap group A Tribe Called Quest. The paintings job is to illustrate the idea of the wide reach the group and its music has, while still remaining relatively unapproachable due to the public’s general perception.



Details:  Sketched on paper, inked and painted in Adobe Photoshop.